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Many mold remediation companies and individuals believe that bleach will successfully remediate mold.  If you know mold like I know mold and research bleach as an effective cleaning agent you will come to the realization that bleach actually makes a mold problem worse.

The reasons why I believe this are several:

  1. Bleach dissipates in the open air in a matter of seconds.  Because of this bleach has a minimal kill time.
  2. A bottle of bleach is 94%-96% water, so when you add bleach to a moldy substrate you actually feed the mold.
  3. Many mold remediation companies that use bleach actually dilute bleach with water further feeding the mold.
  4. Time and time again, I’ve been called in to look a home or facility that was remediated with bleach, or “detergent” as many remediation companies call it, 3 to 4 months after the remediation was completed.  The mold was back and worse than ever and the mold remediation company that did the work stands behind their claim that the facility looked and smelled clean when they left so a new mold problem has emerged.
  5. The link below takes you to a copy of a 2004 University of Oregon Study on the effectiveness of bleach as a mold remediation product.

University of Oregon Study on the effectiveness of Bleach as a Mold Remediation Product.

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